The Sweet Pot is an online trading name and brand image of R and I Jones. The company was first established in 1923 in the little Welsh town of Caernarfon in the UK. Since then the company has grown as a wholesale sweets supplier and now provides a wide range of wholesale sweets to shops all over the world and also supplies direct to individuals as well.

R and I Jones supplied wholesale sweets to many local shops in the North Wales area. In the late 1950s a customer of theirs, Glyn Humphries, a local sweet shop owner, bought the company from R and I.

A young boy working in Glyn’s sweet shop grew up to become a partner in the business in the 1970s. He became sole owner in the 1980s. His son Aled Roberts is the current owner of R and I and has been working there since he was 12 years old. That’s over 25 years!

When you buy from The Sweet Pot you know you are choosing a company with a wealth of experience in the industry. The company has seen the world of sweets shift and change over the generations and they understand the philosophy behind high quality, delicious sweets and great customer service.

Originally R and I Jones supplied confectionary, soft drinks and snacks to small businesses within 60 miles of Caernarfon. The company has seen so many changes in the world of sweets since then. Horse and carts deliveries were replaced with vans and the rise of supermarkets created a large drop in independent shops.

In 2012 R and I started trading online. They began with Ebay and 12 months later were also trading on Amazon. This was a huge success for the business and it has continued to grow. Recently the concept of The Sweet Pot was born and this website was set up to help shops and individuals find a wonderful selection of tasty wholesale sweets.