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Tassimo Pods Are Becoming Environmentally Friendly

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The Sweet Pod are proud to supply the very best brands of coffee pods in addition to our fabulous collection of retro sweets.

Nothing perks you up like a hot cup of coffee and Tassimo coffee pods are among the best and most respected brands.

Tassimo are giants in their industry and one of the first companies to create the highly popular and efficient coffee pods which are slotted into at-home machines to make the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Now we are even more pleased to supply this product as the company have taken on a new greener approach to their packaging. Tassimo recently announced that they have solved their recycling problems by partnering with Terracycle. Terracycle is an American company which specialises in collecting and processing difficult to deal with waste.

Before the change introduced by this partnership every time you had a Tassimo coffee pod you had to throw away one aluminium/plastic pod. This wasn’t so good for the environment at all. With so many Tassimo coffee machines in homes all over the world it was contributing to unsightly landfills every year. Tassimo are an ethical company and these facts troubled them greatly, so rather than sweeping it under the rug for convenience, like so many other companies, they decided to act. The main difficulty they faced was that the way plastic and aluminium were bound together made recycling the pods a challenge.

Working alongside recycling experts Terracycle they found a way around this and now the process has begun to make Tassimo recycling points, where customers can simply drop off any Tassimo packaging, including the pods and the foil bags they came in. The waste will be re-made into items such as watering cans, park benches, or even plastic recycling bins!

As if this was not enough of a good change Tassimo added another benefit: each shop or location who offers to host a Tassimo recycling box will be given special Terracycle points for every kilo of waste collected! This can be redeemed into a monetary donation to a school or charity of your choosing. Any suitable location e.g. a library, school, shop or office can apply to be a member of the scheme with no charge for taking part. The removal of the waste via courier is also covered, so you will save money.
The Terracycle Brigade currently boasts 323 recycling locations across the UK, and has collected over nine million pods for processing altogether, raising over £150,000 for good causes.

If you love coffee but find there is no Terracycle collecting point near you, never fear, do not fret because instead of purchasing pre-filled coffee pods, you can choose to use a re-usable coffee disc that you fill with grounds yourself.

Photo by Cheryl Foong / CC BY

Photo by waferboard / CC BY

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