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Get your Halloween sweets online this year!


Halloween is coming, and the shops are starting to put up Halloween decorations, display sweets, and generally summer is starting to take a turn for the ghoulish as the nights grow longer and the days earlier. But what exactly do you tend to do around this time of year? For those that love opening the doors to miniature monsters, ghouls and ghosts, we have the solution to running out of sweets on the big night. We’ve got a very good supply of Chupa Chups Lollipops which have been primed for Halloween, and our Free UK Delivery applies to absolutely everything you order.

For many, Chupa Chups are a firm favourite. Whether it’s to do with their distinctive packaging, colours, amazing assortment of true-to-life flavours and the fact that they’re a quality product that has been popular for years on end, Chupa Chups Lollies are the favourites of children just as much today as when we were small… or even when they were invented.

We have a fantastic deal on them as well. We can offer you quantities of 100 Chupa Chups Lollies which are mixed flavours and assortments, all top quality and all actual size. Ever felt disappointed when you’re at the supermarket, you get a hankering for something, and when you crack open the pack it almost looks like the sweets in question are made for a miniature human being? Us too. Rest assured, with your order you’re getting 100% genuine, great quality and fully sized Chupa Chups lollies for the bargain price of just shy of £10, at £9.89.

What about if you’re instead hosting a party? For those that are a little worried that 100 Chups seems a little light, we have a staggering amount of Chupa Chups at 300, for an absolute bargain of £24.99. Again, they’re entirely fully sized, in assorted flavours, and are fresh stock. At The Sweet Pot, we don’t let our stock go bad and guiltily shove them out when orders come. You’ll be delivered 300 fresh, top quality Chups, for far less than what you’d pay anywhere else – we’re certain.

This Halloween, we’ve got everything you need to host a seriously great party or give the kids around the neighbourhood a great experience. Furthermore, we don’t charge delivery fees when you order directly from our website, so treat yourself and others to treats this year which won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

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