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New Flavours of Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled rose to fame after the premier of the Harry Potter Books and films. Berty Botts Every Flavour Beans were highly memorable with audiences because of the beans having flavours both delicious and expected and other horrible flavours.

Innovative company Jelly Belly made this fantasy a reality with the Bean Boozled game. You never know which flavour you are going to get and that is part of the fun.

Traditionally in the game there have actually been 20 flavours, not every flavour as in the Harry Potter universe.

The nice flavours are:

Buttered Popcorn
Café Latte
Caramel Corn

The ‘not so nice’ flavours are:

Skunk Spray
Pencil Shavings
Rotten Eggs
Ear Wax
Moldy Cheese
Baby Wipes
Black Pepper

Jelly Belly have now created two brand new flavours to add to their gross flavours list. Please welcome “Spoiled Milk” and “Dead Fish”.

The new beans, according to Jelly Belly marketing VP Rob Swaigen, are meant to “throw your head backwards” and almost make the taster puke, he says. “We want people to respond really strongly to our flavours… no cry-babies allowed,” he says, quoting the caution label on the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled box.

The game is definitely not for the faint hearted with the new flavours loking so similar to the colour of the nice flavours just to keep the mystery! The new Spoiled Milk bean looks just like the Coconut flavoured bean and the Dead Fish is indistinguishable from the Strawberry Banana Smoothie bean.

Jelly Belly has been making the BeanBoozled flavours since 2007 and the Sweet Pot are proud to stock their exhilarating collection as part of our American Candy section.

Among our excellent sweets we also happen to have the Harry Potter Berty Botts Beans branded version too.

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