Get your Halloween sweets online this year!

Halloween is coming, and the shops are starting to put up Halloween decorations, display sweets, and generally summer is starting to take a turn for the ghoulish as the nights grow longer and the days earlier. But what exactly do you tend to do around this time of year? For those that love opening the […]

Sweet Trees

At The Sweet Pot we have been supplying individuals and shops with the best sweet delights for generations. We know all there is to know about sweets and we love to follow all the creative new ideas emerging into the world of sweets, chocolate and candy. One fascinating new trend we just adore is the […]

Toblerone – Big in Ireland?

It is has been good humouredly suggested that Toblerone only survives as a product because people tend to buy it in airports as a token gift when returning from their holidays. If you believe some recent statistics it would seem that Ireland is among the countries most contributing to these figures of Toblerone as an […]

Tassimo Pods Are Becoming Environmentally Friendly

The Sweet Pod are proud to supply the very best brands of coffee pods in addition to our fabulous collection of retro sweets. Nothing perks you up like a hot cup of coffee and Tassimo coffee pods are among the best and most respected brands. Tassimo are giants in their industry and one of the first […]

New Flavours of Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled rose to fame after the premier of the Harry Potter Books and films. Berty Botts Every Flavour Beans were highly memorable with audiences because of the beans having flavours both delicious and expected and other horrible flavours. Innovative company Jelly Belly made this fantasy a reality with the Bean Boozled game. You never […]