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Toblerone – Big in Ireland?

It is has been good humouredly suggested that Toblerone only survives as a product because people tend to buy it in airports as a token gift when returning from their holidays.

If you believe some recent statistics it would seem that Ireland is among the countries most contributing to these figures of Toblerone as an airport gift.

A survey, carried out by Irish Life EMPOWER, revealed that 28% of Irish people admit to buying Toblerone only in airports as a token gift for colleagues after returning from holiday.

Many of us will be familiar with this tradition, in fact not brining back some token chocolate from the airport is almost seen as taboo in many office environments.

This fascinating chocolate fact was part of a wider survey which also revealed that 47% of Irish worked eat lunch at their desk and 77% believe they should earn more money.

Of course being in the world of sweets we think the Toblerone statistic is the most interesting of these revelations and wonder what other edible products do we tend to buy only at airports as token gestures. Are you guilty of this? If you have a special sweetie you realise you only buy at airports or as a gift do please share your tale on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Of course there are some sweets that are just far too good to share and we expect these are the least purchased on last minute buys in airports.

We believe our retro sweets fall into this category but if you can tempt yourself to part with our delicious sweet treats they make a phenomenal gift as well, so why not buy your colleagues and friends a gift they will truly applicate from our fabulous collections of retro sweets and of course feel free to save some for yourself as well.

Photo by Haldean Brown / CC BY-SA

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